Mark Mccool Sarasota | Top 5 Technology Trends for 2020

According to mark mccool Sarasota, technology take very fast move yearly. 21 centuries IT department work on various technologies and will keeps realizing which change with time. So let’s discuss on top 5 technology trends for 2020.

1. 5G Technology

mark mccool sarasota - 5G Technology

We will move to 5G innovation in 2020. Handset organizations have just begun propelling 5G handsets.

2. High Speed Wifi

mark mccool sarasota- High Speed Wifi.jpg

In 2020 our wifi downloading speed become 3 times quicker than now

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Mark Mccool Sarasota And Jeanine McCool Sarasota Mission Trip

Dear Friends,

Mark Mccool Sarasota want to share with you the exciting things that are happening in our lives! We have been incredibly blessed over the years in so many ways. We have also been through some very lean and challenging times as well. Regardless of the ups and downs, we have always been thankful to God for what we did have at the time and for our health, family and friends.

The last year and a half was very different for us as we lived and worked in Europe. This really gave us a fresh perspective on so many things. After being away so long and moving back to Sarasota, FL last July, we decided to take a road trip to see our family members in WI, CO, and KS.

This part of our story starts in January 2014 when our Son Trevor met his wife (Chanelle) on eHarmony. Chanelle is a very strong Christian and spent many years in the YWAM (Youth With a Mission) ministry. They were married only 10 months later. They are now raising two beautiful girls, Delilah and Leilani in Colorado Springs. They love God so much and we are so happy for them both.

It was through Chanelle’s encouragement and experience with YWAM that led our daughter Amber’s move to Kansas City in late 2014. Amber had just graduated from UNF in Jacksonville and was looking for a sports marketing job. She had an offer from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (her dream job) but passed on it so that she could attend a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Kansas City. Well, that TOTALLY changed her life. She is now living 100% for God and sharing His love everywhere she goes. She is now serving in a volunteer leadership role at the YWAM base in Kansas City. We can’t wait to see the impact she will have on all those she is training. She is the happiest we have ever seen her, God really changed her.

Now this is where our part comes in. We have been praying really hard for God to reveal a detailed plan for us. We are now 50 and 47 with a lot of life and potential left in us. We want to spend the rest of our lives utilizing the unique talents that God has given us to do His work and to help people – in all sorts of ways. We are not 100% sure what that looks like yet but we know that God will reveal His plan when the time is right. We believe that it has something to do with combining business with a mission. God is moving a lot of people in this direction right now. It has been easy to figure out what WE wanted to do over the years but that was not always what God wanted us to do. We are in a season of change and really believe that God has a very special calling on our lives that will have a major impact on many thousands of people. We will do something bigger and better than anything previously. However, in order to do that, we need to be properly prepared and that process has just started.

When we were in Kansas City to visit Amber this past September, we had some very strong prophetic words given to us by 3 different people at 3 different times. The same words of course, from totally unrelated people. We were being led by God to attend our own YWAM DTS, something that we thought would be awesome to do but how could we possibly take the time to do it (It is a 5-month commitment) and how would we pay for it? The school is a 100% commitment and does not really allow the capacity to work. And to top it off, it was starting in 1 week – in Kona, Hawaii. How could we possibly do that? We were in Kansas City and still needed to drive to WI and then home to FL. We needed to get our 2 dogs taken care of and so many other things.

One thing we have learned, when God has a plan, things just come together. We didn’t even know if we could get into the school at such a late time. We called the people in charge and asked them if they were still accepting new students, they said yes but that the rooms were all booked up. We prayed that night and asked God to either open or close the doors needed to make it happen. If there were no rooms available, that would be a sign for us not to go. The next day, we received a call from the YWAM base and we were told that a couple had just cancelled that morning and that they now had a room for us.

That was it, we knew that we needed to make this happen. We drove back to WI to get our things and to say goodbye to our family and then drove 24 hours straight back to FL. We were less than 20 minutes out of Kansas City when our son Tyler messaged us and said that the house he was renting was being sold and he needed to move out by Oct. 1st (2 days after we needed to leave for Kona). Right before that, were just saying that we needed someone to watch the house and dogs while we were gone! Another coincidence? We unpacked, re-packed and then flew to Kona, HI two days later on September 29th. I had just enough Sky Miles to get us there without spending any money on the plane tickets.

To add more excitement, I received a phone call while on the layover in Atlanta (on our way to Kona) from the company I was consulting for (our main current income) and I was told that they didn’t need my services anymore and that they were ending my contract
– the exact day we were leaving. WOW, now that was more than a coincidence. Now we knew that we needed to have Faith like never before to make it all happen. We were committed.

We are now in Kona and need your help. We made this decision based on Faith that God would provide for us.

We are asking for you to pray and seek God’s wisdom on whether or not you feel led to help fund our mission. We really don’t want to put any pressure on you or anyone for that matter. We know that God has a plan and if you are in it, He will let you know.

We need to raise $19,100 in total. Any amount will help and will be greatly appreciated. We need the funds to pay for the classroom training and the outreach missions trip.

– Fundraising Website:

 Facebook Group Page for Updates:

Any donation would be an incredible blessing and would be used 100% for spreading the Gospel to those who desperately need to hear it. It is very difficult for us to ask for money. Being successfully self-employed since the age of 20, we have grown to be very independent. God is really stretching us.

Please Pray for us as well, God hears you!

These are some questions that always come to our minds. See if you can relate!

 – What is this life all about?
 – What are we all working so hard to accomplish?
 – What will it really all mean when we pass away?
 – What are we doing to make a spiritual impact on future generations?
 – What are we doing to help those in need?
 – and

This is all He asks of us and what we are led to do!

Think about this, if you found out that you only had 4 weeks to live, what would you spend your time doing? What would you really care about? This is how we want to think, and we want to do it all the time. Would you live or work any differently than you are now?

Someone we met in Kansas City recently said to us, “If you can see it with your eyes, it is temporary!”How true is that?

Please see below for some detailed info and videos on YWAM and the Crossroads DTS we are doing.

Here is the website for the School:
YWAM Crossroads DTS (Discipleship Training School)

What is YWAM All About? Watch This (1:09 min):

Crossroads Discipleship Training School
3 -Month Lecture Phase

The Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) is especially designed for people who are 25 and older, who are seeking spiritual renewal, vision, or new direction. It’s a unique opportunity to know God more intimately, to increase in Godly character, and to become involved in missions. The CDTS course has a 12-week lecture phase followed by an 8-week International missions trip.

We will have teachings in the following areas: The Nature and Character of God, Hearing God’s Voice, Teaching and Ministry into areas of Past Experiences, Spiritual Warfare, Biblical Christian World View, The Kingdom of God, The Acts of the Holy Spirit, Nations and Cultures and Evangelism. Additionally, students meet in small groups and have one-to-one times with the school staff.

2-Month Mission Trip

The 8-week outreach to the nations immediately follows the training time. It is designed to provide students with opportunities to use their professional abilities, natural talents and spiritual giftings as they live and minister in cross-cultural settings. The outreach is adapted to mature students and those with families.

What is a DTS All About? Watch This (2:04 min):

What Does Being a Missionary Mean? Watch this (4:05 min): 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this. We hope and pray that you will partner with us to make the world a better place by spreading God’s Word to those in need from our backyards to the furthest corners of the earth.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Effective Way to Ask an Employee Their Work Isn’t Good

Neil Haboush Montreal Canada

In the event that a representative is missing targets, blowing due dates, or delivering trashy work, it very well may entice push off any discussion about it and expectation that things show signs of improvement all alone. In any case, you’re not simply doing yourself and your organization a damage by remaining calm. A worker who’s missing the mark has the right to know it with the goal that they have the chance to self-right before things get excessively critical. Also, terminating somebody is much more awkward than venturing in prior.

Conveying the news successfully, however, is a sensitive art.”It’s essential to recollect that this individual has feelings and sentiments joined to the data they’re accepting,” says Chief Executive Officer- Neil Haboush, creator of Working with Difficult People and organizer of the Cooper Strategic Group.

As an unpleasant rule, simply pursue the brilliant guideline: “Handle this discussion the manner…

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How to Maintain Glowing Skin This Summer

Needless to say, everybody wants glowing and healthy skin. And to achieve it, one needs to focus on diet and lifestyle. How we maintain the health of our skin, affects our overall health. So, do you know what makes your skin healthy and glowing? Well, the answer is a clean nutritious diet that must be anti-inflammatory in nature. It should include fruits, vegetables, as well as healthy fats like those found in avocados, olive oil, nuts, etc. Apart from healthy food and veggies –  exercise, a good sleeping routine, etc. also plays a major role in developing healthy skin.

Let’s explore a few good nutrients to get brighter, glowing, and healthy skin with Mark McCool Sarasota – based expert.



Orange fruits and vegetables get their brightness from phytonutrients called carotenoids, including alpha and beta-carotene. When people consume these food items on a regular basis, they improve dull complexion, develop brightness, and protect skin from sunburn. However, when it comes to protection from sunburn, these foods are not as effective as a sunscreen. So, make sure that you use other strategies as well to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. You may find Carotenoids in carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, spinach, mangos, etc.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C is essential when it comes to the formation of collagen. In fact, it has a positive effect on aging skin and hyperpigmentation. This vitamin, which is effective as an antioxidant, also offers some photoprotective defense to protect you from the harmful sun rays and provide some antioxidants to the skin. In addition, according to experts, these antioxidants, including vitamin C, are very helpful when it comes to reducing the risk of skin cancer. You can find vitamin C in kiwis, strawberries, oranges, broccoli, etc. Consumption of Vitamin C is one of the best glowing skin tips you can have.

Healthy Fats


Healthy oils are essential to maintain moisture and elasticity in the skin. In fact, each cell in the body is developed with a fat-containing cellular layer that helps in protecting the cell. Basically, the cell lining reflects the type of fats we consume and the very same fats that prove good for your heart health is also good in maintaining skin-healthy, too!

Mono and polyunsaturated fats are considered as anti-inflammatory in nature and, like carotenoids and vitamin C, omega-3s are helpful in slowing the aging of skin. In addition, higher intakes of monounsaturated fats, similar to those that are found in avocados and olive oil, have been shown an increase in skin elasticity. Even, Omega-3s are very helpful in protecting against overexposure to UV rays. You can find healthy fats in avocados, salmon, olive oil, walnut, etc.



Protein plays a key role in the formation of all tissues in the body including your skin, even in the creation of enzymes and hormones. In addition, various proteins offer extra benefits to the skin. For example, yolks in eggs contain lutein, which is a carotenoid and essential in the formation and preservation of healthy skin. You can find protein in eggs, meat, fish, beans, etc.

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4 Healthy Eating Habits You Should Follow In 2019

Mark McCool Sarasota based leader says we should encourage people to live a happy and healthy life and we can do this by adopting good healthy habits. Every year people make a resolution to follow healthy eating habits and exercise, but most of them fail to follow it. Well, to adopt healthy eating habits you do not need to wait for the 1st of January. You can start at any time.

Let’s explore a few good eating healthy habits that you should follow.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables


Experts say every seasonal fruit is necessary for our body and health. As every fruit and vegetable contains many vital nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, carbs, etc. Our body requires every nutrient for proper health and growth. Therefore, consuming them in their natural form would be the best option. So, next time color your plate with these beautiful fruits and vegetables and remember they should be seasonal.

Look at the Ingredients


Most of the time we buy products without checking the ingredient labels. Sure, these food items are usually from reputable brands, but sometimes they contain unnecessary ingredients, including excess sugar and sodium. So if you want to adopt healthier eating habits, make sure you check out the ingredients mentioned on the product before you buy.

Drink More Water


Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated is necessary for our body, not only when it is hot outside but in all seasons. It helps eliminate the toxic substances from your body through your urine. To help adopt the habit of drinking more water, keep a water bottle with you throughout the day. And make sure you drink at least 4-liters of water per day. It not only cleans your body from the inside but also makes your skin glow and improves the growth of your hair. You can take liquid in any form, like plain water, lemonade, or fresh juices. Also, remember not to consume sugary drinks, instead you can try unsweetened seltzer water or fruit-infused water.

Eat Less Sugar


Eating sugar is not so good for your body! No doubt, many of us are sugar addicts. According to the experts, sugar is just plain unhealthy and bad for many reasons. If you consume too much sugar in your diet, it can create major health issues, including obesity, high blood pressure, liver damage, a weak immune system, and many more. So, this year, why don’t you say bye-bye to sugary items and try to start consuming healthy and unprocessed foods? You can explore various different and delicious low-sugar meal recipes – many can be found online.

Final Words

So, these are the few good eating healthy habits that every individual must follow in order to have a healthy life like Mark McCool Sarasota – based leader. For more health tips you can as your query or share your suggestions below in the comment box.

The Importance of a Father in a Child’s Life

Any man can become a father but to become a dad, it takes effort and you must be intentional. He is a man who sacrifices his own his desires to fulfill the dreams of his children. He is someone who stands like a pillar for his children in every situation and teaches them life’s most valuable lessons.

Well, Father’s Day is just around the corner, and no matter how much we try, we cannot repay their love and sacrifice. But at least we can make them feel special on this auspicious day by pampering them.

Let’s explore the role of a father in his child’s life with Mark McCool Sarasota – based leader and a proud father of three.

Emotional Development


As I said earlier, a father is someone who plays the role of a pillar in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Children look to their fathers and follow their footsteps to grow in life. When life seems difficult, they look to their fathers for emotional and physical security. When a father becomes a friend, guide, and a mentor to their children, it automatically evolves the inner growth and strength in kids. In fact, according to experts, the affection and support of a father greatly affects a child’s mental and social development. It also encourages them to stay motivated and confident.

Fathers Teach the Value of Relationships with Others


Fathers not only influence their children to become good human beings, but they also teach us the value of relationships with others as we grow. The way a father treats his family and other people will influence what a child looks for in other people. A child makes relations in and outside the house, including Friends, lovers, and spouses based on what a child learns about relationships from his or her father. The example a father sets in the relationships with his children help them to build relationships with other people. So now do you understand the importance of a father in a child’s life?

Relationship Between Fathers and Their Daughters


When it comes to the bond between a father and his daughter, it is something we can’t define in words. For a girl, her father is her hero, her guide, her support system, girls even depend on their fathers for security and emotional support. A father teaches his daughter the meaning of a good relationship and what she should looks for in a man. If a father is loving and gentle, a girl will look for those qualities in her partner. In simple words, a father sets a benchmark for his daughter so that she knows the difference between a man and a gentleman.

Relationship Between Fathers and Their Sons


A father is the first best friend of his son like he is a guide for his daughter. At a very young age, boys look for approval from their fathers for every little thing. In fact, a son adapts behavior patterns and a character from his father while growing up. If a father is caring and treats people with respect, his son will adopt the same qualities. Those young boys who do not have fathers in their lives look to other male figures to learn the behavior pattern of a man in the world.

Final Thoughts

So, this is the never-ending role of a father, and now we can understand how important his presence is in our lives. Mark McCool Sarasota – based leader and a proud father says, the role of parents is to show their children the right path, if children follow the path or not it’s up to them. If you value your father, his sacrifices, and his love, do tell him on this Father’s Day, and never miss a chance to make your father feel special.

6 Business Skills Must Need For Success

Jeanine McCool Sarasota

Success never comes overnight. It takes a lot of years, hard work, and dedication to achieve success. However, developing a small business into a successful enterprise needs more than hard work and dedication.  If you consider Jeanine McCool Sarasota based leader’s advice, success in any business demands expertise and proficient business skills. Therefore, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to develop and improve their business skills to lead their industry.

Now, let’s explore a few business skills that you need for success.

Delegation Skills

Delegation Skills Unsplash

Delegation is the main responsibility of a leader that involves assigning tasks to your team members for the completion of work. As a leader, it is your responsibility to focus on your team that carries out all the everyday activities of your business. To achieve effective delegation, you need to maintain the correct balance between effective controls and guiding people to achieve their tasks effectively. In…

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